Regular oil refineries have a capacity of 5-15 million tons and above per year. Construction cost of such refineries reach billions of dollars, the construction may last for years. Many times such project is hard to fulfill.

In contrast, we provide tailor made turnkey design, construction and operation of modular mini and micro oil refineries, with capacity of 50-500 thousand tons per year (1,000-10,000 barrels per day), which can produce main petroleum products of good quality (kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, heavy fuel oil or bitumen), while the construction period is fast, within 7-18 months from the beginning of financing (depends on the capacity), with low cost, with no need in existing infrastructure. 

Modular mini oil refinery can enable energy independence, especially in politically autonomous or peripheral area, can be suitable for small oilfield, small or low demand market. 


Modular mini and micro oil refinery can be good visible start for further easy expansion of capacity, as it is easier to build small refinery and to enlarge it further, even from existing profit, after the market and logistics are functioning properly.

Our significant technological advantage is an experience in design, construction and operation, such as an incorporation of a technology particularly designed for mini oil refineries, which enables higher yield of diesel fuel and gasoline. 

We assist our clients in defining the optimal and most profitable combination of the refined products, based on crude oil specifications, local market demands and national and international standards. 

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